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#Capricorn - #Aries :
It is often said that a Capricorn tends to marry up the social or financial ladder. The typical Aries reaction to such an arrangement is rather touchingly sentimental and romantically hopeful. An Aries and Capricorn will tend to marry one another quickly, but the Capricorn will use careful deliberation and reflection. Capricorns are often hurt when Aries people accuse them of being ambitious. An Aries is also ambitious, but extremely open about it. Instead of pessimism, they have periodic binges of downright foolish optimism. An Aries does not respect authority what so ever. Not only is the Capricorn wiser, calmer, more practical, more sensible and exasperatingly always right.

#Capricorn - #Taurus : Capricorn sees a mate in Taurus, stability, a common ground to build on. It is all work and no play when their business heads come together and it’s as strong as any relationship can be. A love affair is more of a business partnership than an emotional need or craving e…

Homework homework

So guys, I want to tell you something about my life in 9th grade
the first one is TOO MANY HOMEWORK helloooo I've so many activities *busy person* homework like a hell!!!
the second one is I want to be a better person than before start from prayer a lot and care with people beside me
the third is I won't to think about love again. Without love I can live I can do my activities so why I am thinking about love again? Let my love come to me
the forth is too many new person and friends! :) Ilfa and Luthfi. I knew them at this grade and they are kind (:


hello guys long time no see (sudah lama buta) how's my new picture?cool right?that's my lovely bunny skandar keynesss yuhuuuuuuuuu too coollll hihi so this time I just make a loonngg story and that's never end-_- okay so now, I don't want to talk about love because love is nasty (?) okay just in my is sucks(?) but we can't live without love cause love is everything (Y).that's it so byebye