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15th years!

Holaaa! I'm fifteen now!! Hahah I thought I was post about my birthday like yesterday but now I post about my birthday again...and it means I just through the 365 days!and welcome to new 365 days!!
Well, same as last year nothing happened so awesome. Everything was still same. But the different was I'm in Senior High School now. And it means I'm an adult and I've to ready with harder problems! I'm still not ready yet but what about try it before? I'll try to solve any problems! I wish everything gonna be okay in my new age! Amin!
See what I've found!
I'm not so gadgeters so I can't fix it-_- well it's nice! I love them so much! They are so great friends ever! I miss them and I love them really.....
And I met Atika!!! We didn't plan anything but we did! Yeah she's my soulmate so too easy to meet her(?) ignore it.…

Dana :)

Hey, gue cuma pengen ngeshare aja nih eaea. Finally, gue tauuu satffing aksi35! Gue sebelumnya berharap di PASCAL atau Dekor gitu tpai ternyata staffing berkata lain...........
Yup, gue anggota Dana. Dan sebelumnya gue berfikir kenapa gue di dana? Setau gue sih dana itu kerjanya beraaaaat banget. Tanggung jawabnya pun gedee. Kalo dana gaada ya gabakal bisa buat aksi kan? Nah, gue bener-bener mikir tuh. Kenapa kenapa dan kenapa.
Bayangin aja ya, anggota seksi dana tuh Kak Mila, Kak Sasya, Fahd, Dayra, Millati, Adzra, dan gue.... Yang terakhir emang gak cocok banget ya-_- Liat aja semuanya tuh punya potensi. Dan aktif. Sementara gue? Duh Wallahualam aja deh kenapa dipilihnya itu. Apa karena semuanya udah penuh? Terus karena dana kurang orang aja ya? Atau karena kelupaan ditaro dimana akhirnya di dana aja karena orangnya kurang? Wah gatau deh yang jelas pas hari itu gue bener-bener ngerasa minder.
Gue bener-bener minta maaf ke semuanyaa,especially adzra sebagai inti yang telah memili…


Great right?thanks guys;)

I miss my old friends;)

Guys, do you know what's on my mind? You Guys, do you know what am I thinking right now? You Guys, do you know what am I missing right now? You Guys, do you know what am I searching for? Your photos Guys, do you know what profile that I love to stalk? You Guys, do you know what am I doing right now? Missing Far. We have long distance now. We can't meet everyday again. We can't read novel together again. We can't study everyday again. We can't gossiping everyday again. We can't DREAM together again.
Everyday just like in heaven. We talked. Had gossip. Read novels. Ate together. Studied everyrthing together. and DAY DREAMING together. Dreaming. We all can move to the first step. We can reach it. Graduate. Yeah, we all graduated from junior high school. We all had reached our dreams. Being high school students. But beside all, we failed with one dream. Remember the dream? 'God, please make us together again.Including on high school.We want in one scho…