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Well guyss I just wanna share about something that really not important. Well, in the first of all, I wanna say sorry because I didn't share my crazy life every week again. You know, I'm a student that have a lot of homework and try out. I'm in 9th grade so I will do Nation test. Well, it's really make me feel crazy! I can't finish my novel, I can't relax, I can't read many comics. YEEEP! JUST A LITTLE HOLIDAY!
Why there is homework? Why we have to go to school? AND WHY THERE IS NATION TEST IN LAST GRADE! If I'm a president of Indonesia, I will erase the nation test! I suer! *but no person wanna me to be a president. Yep, and did you know? I posted my blog when I was doing my homework :P . Naughty student ;P But in this grade, I enjoyed everything. I got score 40 for try out in maes but I still laugh. I had bad score (usually) in 9th grade.
Just enjoyed your activity guys and you will have a happy ending :) Keep smiliiiingggg :D

Hey I've a drawing home…