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HB Talitha's!

Helloo sebenernya udah lama mau ngeblogg tapi gitu deh gue kan sibuk(?) tidaak.lebih tepatnya,gue males hoho. Nah sekarang, gue disuruh online sm bokap. Dengan dimodali laptop yang mantapss oleh bokap ya kita ambil hikmahnya hoho. Gewla laptopnya pewe loh.Oke abaikan. Not so important.

So, on 8th July 1996, my friend was born. His name is Rory. He's my friend from elementary school. And we're schoolmates on junior high school too. Well that's not important-_- But let me introduce him. Actually, we're not close friend. We're just friends. But, when we're on 8th grade, he was falling in love with my close friend. Her name is Talitha. And they're a couple from February, 12th 2010 till now! Wow more than one year! Wish they will be a couple till forever~ So, since they're a couple, sometimes we hangout together.

So Last Friday, I still had my holiday. But I didn't know what to do. I was so bored. Suddenly, my phone rang. A message from Talitha. I read it.…

New Uniform,New Place

So, what's going on? Yeah I'd so many stories on my holiday. Nothing special. In this holiday, I just studied chemistry and economics. Well, just read the subjects. But I thought those were not enough for the high school. I need to go course, study hardeer, and read many books. Books about the subject-_-not novels. Well, I'm not good at those subjects so I studied it before.
In this post, I feel so galau. I will meet new friends yeah I can't wait for that, but I remember something. I will leave everything. Everything in my lovely junior high school.
I got many friends there. They are: -Atika Rahmasari (the most dilligent!) -Indah Mega Ashari (keep autism!!) -Ilfa Kurniati (the smartest awawaw!) -Luthfianty Restiana (my handsome girl!) -Talitha Tiffany (hi're so pretty) -Adrian Maulana (galauman!) -Rizki Noviandi (hey dude!you always hear me!) -Cut Ayu (the tallest girl!) -Hanifa Kholda (we're a dreamer girl!) -Anggita Rihardian (autism,craziest girl i've ev…