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Oh shoot. I'm going adult. I'm not a kid again. I've studied a lot. Well, not as much as you did may be. But I think I've studied about life for more than 15years and it's not a short time right? I've listened many words, I've read many books, I've written many alphabets, but I didn't want to stop. I really wanna study more than I've got. I think I'm a stupid person till now. I think what I've learned is nothing. I think what I've listened is just wind. I've to continue living cause I need more knowledge I'm thirsty of knowledge. So, HAMASAH!
Well sorry for nasty paragraph. I'm not well on writing now. I think I shouldn't be a writer later. I think I should be a nice wife and kind housewife and the most important is good mother. Eaa oh shoot I'm going crazy now. In my mind, I'm always thinking about the next day, the next month, or the next age. I dream though I know it never be happen. I'm scared of being …