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JHS then SHS

Hey long time no post! Miss me? Yeah I'm sure you would miss me cause I'm so talkative. No Rakhmi, No Big Loud! Well that's my motto. Freak motto yeaah.

So, What I'm gonna post for today? Yeah it's about my academic. What month is it? Hmm last January and will go to February. On February, I've to study hard for prepare try out ekstern. And it's on 7th February!!! What the.......LET'S SCREAM!!! Oh my gosh it's only 14 days again! Hmm no!! It's about 13 days again!!!!!! Let's study let's study! I wanna go study but my brain.....don't want. Heylooo brain! What are you waiting for? Let's study and being the best student then go to A class! Then..........PASS NATIONAL EXAM!

Bact to the topic. I'm so confused now. I will pass junior high *AMINN then go to senior high. I will be missing all of my friends in 85jhs especially him. Yeah you know, him means hadi. I'm feeling so comfort in my school now. My friends, teachers (yeah ju…


Hey guys long time no post! I miss this blog and of course miss you all bloggers :)
What I'm gonna talking about? Time. Yeah 1 word 4 letters. But many mean. Before of it I want to tell you about my birthday.
My birthday was so simply. But there's surprise from my great friends. And they're Ime,Talitha, and Cutay!! They came to my house and sang birthday song in front of my house. And I was so surprised. They gave me the best gift. TWO BOOKS!!!!!!! They're Percy Jackson five and Ghost Girl! Wuhuuuu. I really love that novel. And they gave me it. It's amazing! Thank's God for giving me the kind friend :) They made me so happy in my birthday.
The second surprise was from Hadi. Yeah the best boyfriend in this world *it'll make hadi fly*. On monday, the first time we went to school after the short holiday. He gave me...............the blue heart pillow that so beautifull. There're his name and my idol name on that pillow. It was my favorite gift in my birthd…