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Mind of Mine

I remembered about something. Something happened in last year. In November. Yep. November. November was my month. But, it's for last year. Now, I can't make it as my month again. Everything couldn't be same. Everything had changed. And I just could make it as memory. Yeah memory. There's always in my mind. The memory is mine. Nobody could take that memory from me. Nobody.

Everyday was amazing. Last year. Everyday was great. Last year. November was so beautiful for me. Last year. November was perfect. Last year. November was special. Last year. November was unforgettable. Till now. I kept 'Last year' for myself. No one can see.

Now, it never gonna be same. I couldn't make it same as 'Last year'. Everything had changed. But my heart? no.till now. I'm still thinking about 'Last year'. But what about others? Yeah, changed. November. In Last year. Did you remember it guys? Just little for me.

You're always in my mind. You're always fill…