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So guys, today is 25th May right? So I just wanna share something. Today is announcement day! Smansa! yeah. I was so galau last night. I was so scared. I thought that I can't do that.
So, last night I asked my friends about the announcement. I was chit chat with rifqi. He told me that there's online announcement. So, I checked it. And yeah. he was right!
So, at 11:30 rifqi told me that we can see the announcement! I checked it with galau feel. So, I saw my number there. L11120217 and that's.............OH MY GOD! I couldn't believe it! I can go to test again!!!! Oh my God! I believe God always hear what we want. After see my name, reflex: GUE SUJUD! It just like wow! I still can't believe it.
I told my mother. I mean I made my mom woke up! Hahaha. Sorry mom, but I was so glad! So, my mom saw that. My mom was crying too!!Like me haha.
But, the way is still so long. Cause I've to join the English test. Conversation test! Wow it's difficult for me. I'm not…

Skandar Keynes Pictures

So bloggers, I'm in love with Skandar! Yeah you know, I ALWAYS! So in this post, I wanna share a few photos of Skandar. There're so much in my laptop and handphone but you can't see that:p So, here it is! Oh God he's so handsome! I really wanna meet him!!! England and Skandar are my dream!!
It's not monkey!He's handsome!not like a monkey! I'm so jelouse with Georgie Henley :( Oh God!I wish I could be her! two handsome men!but the most is the left ;) Oh skandar, you made my heart dag dig dug:3 So blogger, what do you think about my post? Leave comment? I don't mind.

A girl who loves Skandar Amin Casper Keynes So DAMN! 5Sept1991!!!


I just did the hardest part for the selection. Yeah Last Saturday and Sunday, I did my best. The day that really difficult. I had to do the selection test!
Saturday: Math, Social, and TIK. I studied hard for math. But the test was so hard. I can't describe it with my words. It's so hard and make me so crazy. I was dissapointed with my brain. Why I can't do that! Social. Hmm hard! SO HARD! HARDER THAN MATH! Seriously. I was scaried. I was scaried my parents will dissapointed of me. Oh I hate today. Hey, but wait. TIK! That's the easiest. Yeaaah it made me smile. Just a little smile.
Sunday: HARDEST! Science was so hard. I can't remember what I've studied. Huh. I hate that. English lessons. hmm easier. But yeah I wasn't sure I will get the perfect score.
After did the test, my family and I went to gramed dpk. I was so satisfy read many of books. But I could only buy one book! Okay, I choosed my fav book for long. 'NEGERI LIMA MENARA' YOU HAVE TO READ T…


So, what's going on yesterday? Nothing's change. But I just had a psikotes at smansa! Honestly, it's so hard! Seriously I didn't like that test but I have to do that because I want to study there. So, mau ga mau ya harus ikut. Let's hear my story.
Tanggal 15 kemaren, gue ke smansa karena ikut tes. Ya ngarep banget sih makanya agak berjuang. Kenapa agak? karena gue belajar niat ga niat hehe. Gue kesana dianter bokap. Beberapa menit sebelum tes gue sampe. Terus gue sama bokap liat ruangannya. Dengan soktaunya bokap gue nunjukin tempat duduk gue. Terus karena waktu masih 30menit lagi, bokap gue solat duha dulu sementara gue duduk di kantin. Di kantin gue cuma plenga plongo liatin murid smpn2dpk yang lalu lalang. Gila niat banget daftar. Sekalinya daftar berbondong bondong tuh temen temennya dibawa. Katanya sih emang dr tahun ke tahun pasti banyak. Oke, anak smp2 pinter pinter-_- Good dah saingan gue.
Finally, gue harus masuk. Nah tujuan gue langsung aja ke tempat duduk…

Study in Holiday

Hey guyss :) long time no share! I was so busy this week. I'd to study hard cause I would go to Senior High School. Amiiin. I still don't know can pass the exam or not. But I always prayed to God. Wish me luck guys!
Hey, by the way I've nice information for you. Thank's for all your support and invocation so I can pass the first selection in smansa :D.I was so glad to know that. But I was not so happy cause it means I have to study soooo hard for the next selection. Its just like a dare for me. Cause as you know I hate to study science or math. But I have to get the highest score cause the scores for those subjects are 40points! And the other just 20! Oh my God! Yeah but it's smansa. So difficult to pass the test for that school. Pray. Yeah I need to pray more.
So guys, would you like to wish me luck? Would you like to support me? Please say yes! Cause with your invocation, God will make me the way t0 get there. My friends try selection to smansa too. They are Nadi…

So here ;)

So, hello again guys! I just wanna tell you about my closest friends! So, they are Luthfi, Ilfa, Atika. Or just call them LuthfIlfAtika. Hohohohohoh. They made me going so crazy cause everyday they made me laugh. I can't stop laugh!! Till I got stomachache! Huaaa! We just met in last year. And this year, we will take our own way. IlfAtika may in 34 shs,amiin! Together again-_- But what about me? You know, I will. I mean I really want to study in 1 shs.Wish my dream come true. And Luthfi, she told me that she wanted to study in 38 shs. Wish you luck guysss!!! -Something that you don't know in my heart. I always love you guys and I can't let you go and leave me. Sorry for every mistakes I had. I'm not perfect. And I can't be perfect. But I'm sure, we can be perfect friends cause we don't mind to study..." That's the words that I always wanna tell them. I LOVE YOU GUYS! :*

it's us! She is the most dilligent! Atikaa!! the most handsome and beautifful…